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Sunday, June 25, 2023
12 - 5PM

Welcome To Doors Open Saskatoon

We are pleased to invite you to join us for an afternoon of fun peeking behind doors that are not normally open to the public or would normally charge an entrance fee.

Many locations have organized guided tours, displays and activities to enrich the visitor experience.

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Nutana Legion – Military Museum

Nutana Legion – Military Museum

3021 Louise Street

Nestled on the lower floor of the Nutana Legion, the Saskatoon Museum of Military Artifacts is a little-known gem, packed full of military artifacts and memorabilia. “We consider ourselves the keeper of memories and stories of Saskatchewan men and women who participated in military conflicts and peacekeeping roles throughout Canada’s history.”

The collection features from the First World War a German trench mortar, a rare nurses’ uniform, a 1:6 scale trench display, models. Second World War highlights include medals belonging to indigenous athlete, farmer, and Second World War sniper, David Grey Eyes Steel and much more.

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Baitur Rahmat Mosque

Baitur Rahmat Mosque

304565, Township Rd 362

The Baitur Rahmat Mosque was built in 2017 by the Architect and Engineering Association of the Ahmadiyys Muslim Community and designed by Saskatoon’s Maurice Soulodre. The mosque is a place of worship. The two main distinctions of this building are the minaret tower and the dome. In the days before microphones and amplification, the minaret was used to project the Muslim call to prayer. It now serves a symbolic purpose. All other facilities such as the gym, meeting rooms, and offices are additions to the mosque area. It is the largest purpose-built mosque in Saskatchewan. The foundation stone was laid in 1989 by the fourth head and spiritual leader of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaa’t.

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Black Fox Farm & Distillery

Black Fox Farm & Distillery (2015)

245 Valley Road

Visit Black Fox Farm and Distillery for award-winning spirits and beautiful fields of fruits, flowers, and grains. John Cote and Barb Stefanyshyn-Cote opened the facility in 2015 to introduce customers to superb whisky and gin and to the land they farm. These alumni of Canada’s Outstanding Young Farmers program have traveled the world, coming to appreciate the importance of terroir, the unique soil, climate, farming practices, and production craft that give food and drink the distinctive flavor of a particular place.

Guided walking tours: We will take you on a walk through our fields highlighting our haskaps, raspberries and pumpkin patch which are used in our gin. You can also stick around and enjoy live music from 3:30-6:30PM!

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Disabled Access Public Washroom Food or Beverage Services Free Parking On Duty Staff

Richard St Barbe Baker Afforestation Area

Richard St Barbe Baker Afforestation Area

241 Township Road 362

Richard St. Barbe Baker Afforestation Area is a little-known gem, an island of forest ideal for hiking, wildlife viewing, and fat tire biking. The City of Saskatoon planted thousands of drought-resistant trees on hundreds of acres at the site in 1972 under the Green Survival Program, a North American initiative to plant greenbelts to protect air, earth, and water.

The southern area of 326 acres is named after Richard St. Barbe Baker, a Britain who immigrated to the Saskatoon area in 1910 and studied at the University of Saskatchewan. He went on to international note as a botanist and promoter of reclaiming degraded land by planting trees. He inspired the founding of the International Tree Foundation, part of a movement that has gone on to plant trillions of trees around the world.

The western forest is named for George Genereux who won the gold medal for trap shooting at the 1952 summer Olympics while still a teenager at Nutana Collegiate.

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Queen’s House of Retreats

Queen's House Retreat & Renewal Centre (1958)

601 Taylor Street West

This beautiful and tranquil facility founded by the Oblate order opened in 1958 offering a variety of retreats and programming for self-reflection, encounter with others and spiritual exploration. The venue also host business meetings, reunions, weddings and family gatherings. The facility has overnight accommodations for longer term retreats and food services. In the serene grounds overlooking the river is the shrine to Our Lady of Good Counsel.

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Disabled Access Public Washroom Free Parking

Fire Station No. 9 and Saskatoon
Emergency Measures Organization

Fire Station No. 9 and Saskatoon Emergency Operations Center

870 Attridge Drive

Fire Station 9 is home to the Municipal Emergency Operation Centre (EOC). This is the location designated to manage any large scale or complex emergency events impacting the whole city.

Fire Station 9 is also home to the City of Saskatoon Mobile Command Unit – Command 9. Command 9 is a tool to assist to increase coordination and communication during complex emergency events. It is also deployed to major public events in Saskatoon – such as the Fireworks Festival. Command 9: Mobile Command Unit

Both the EOC and Command 9 will be available for tours.

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Disabled Access Public Washrooms On or Near a Bus Route Free Parking First Aid Station On Duty Staff