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Sunday June 2, 2019

Welcome To Doors Open Saskatoon

We are pleased to invite you to join us for an afternoon of fun peeking behind doors that are not normally open to the public or would normally charge an entrance fee.

Many locations have organized guided tours, displays and activities to enrich the visitor experience.

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University Area Buildings

Little Stone School House Building

Little Stone School House (1887)

College Drive, U of S Campus
Era: Railway / Early Settlement Era

The Little Stone School House was built in 1887, at Broadway Avenue and 12th Street. Designed and constructed by local stonemason Alexander Marr, the one-room school was built with granite boulders from the surrounding prairie.

When Victoria School opened in 1909, the one-room school was dismantled and relocated, being rebuilt stone by stone in a quiet spot on the University of Saskatchewan grounds.

The University used the building for storage until 1965 when the Saskatoon Council of Women began restorations. The Little Stone School House reopened to the public on June 2, 1967, the same year that it was declared a historical site.

Site Information:

Disabled Access No Public Washrooms Street Parking (Meters)

* Please do not touch exhibits and artifacts. Guided tours will be offered.
Diefenbaker Centre Building

Diefenbaker Canada Centre (1980)

101 Diefenbaker Place, U of S Campus
Era: Post World War II Era

The Diefenbaker Canada Centre, designed by architects Moore & Taylor, is the only Prime Ministerial archives, museum and research centre of its kind in Canada. Preserved and exhibited are the papers and memorabilia of Canada 13th Prime Minister, as well as period replica rooms of the Prime Minister's Office and Cabinet Room.

For Doors Open 2017, the Diefenbaker Canada Centre will feature a display of Indigenous objects and documents from the Diefenbaker artefacts and archives collections.

Site Information:

Disabled Access Public Washrooms Parking Lot (Meters)

* Volunteer interpreters will be available to guide visitors through the museum.

Canadian Light Source

Canadian Light Source (2005)

44 Innovation Boulevard
Era: Technology Era

Photo credit: David Stobbe

The Canadian Light Source building houses a national research facility, one of the largest science projects in our country's history and the brightest light in Canada. Fifteen experimental stations manipulate light millions of times brighter than even the sun. Every year, more than 1,000 scientists from around the world conduct ground-breaking health, environmental, materials, and agricultural research at the CLS. In 2002 the CLS Project was awarded the National Award for Exceptional Engineering Achievement by the Canadian Council of Professional Engineers.

The structure was built on more than 700 cast-in-place concrete piles and on concrete slabs that are isolated from each other to minimize the transfer of vibrations. Air conditions inside the main experimental hall are precisely controlled since variations in the ambient temperatures can affect the stability of the light beam. The hangar-like structure is as big as a football field to accommodate the massive booster and storage rings located on the main floor at grade.

Learn more about the Canadian Light Source.

Site Information:

Disabled Access Public Washrooms Near bus route #4 & #13 Free and Paid Parking

St. Thomas More

St. Thomas More College & Chapel

1437 College Drive
Era: Post World War II Era

Newman Hall -- better known as 'the white house' -- was built on College Drive by the Newman Society in the summer of 1927; it would serve as a gathering place for Catholic students at the University of Saskatchewan for the next thirty years or so. The present stone building was constructed in three stages between 1954 and 1969 and includes a chapel, library, cafeteria, auditorium, offices, classrooms and an art gallery. St. Thomas More College's chapel is the home of a number of fine works of original art, including stained glass windows by Robert Rambusch and murals by Lionel Thomas and William Kurelek

In 2013 the newest addition was complete. The addition was awarded the Municipal Heritage Award Winner in the Sensitive Addition category. The judges noted, “The three-story 20,000 square foot addition includes a glazed curtain wall on the west side of the addition which reflects the image of the adjacent Chapel during the day, and the south curtain wall becomes transparent in the evening to showcase the College’s art collection facing College Drive. The project created a student commons atrium, where the existing limestone and Tyndale stone façade of the 1954 College has been retained inside the atrium, creating a warm and welcoming environment maintaining the reminder of the College’s long history. Because of its prominent location at the corner of Bottomley Road and College Drive, much consideration was given to the exterior design to reflect a current, modern learning environment while still considering the history of the adjacent buildings and the Collegiate Gothic Design Theme.”

For more history, visit the St. Thomas More College website.

Note that access to the Chapel is restricted between 2 PM and 4 PM due to religious ceremonies for Pentecost Sunday.

Site Information:

Disabled Access Public Washrooms Bus Route Free & Paid Parking

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