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Sunday June 2, 2019

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We are pleased to invite you to join us for an afternoon of fun peeking behind doors that are not normally open to the public or would normally charge an entrance fee.

Many locations have organized guided tours, displays and activities to enrich the visitor experience.

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University Area Buildings

Little Stone School House Building

Little Stone School House (1887)

College Drive, U of S Campus

The Little Stone Schoolhouse was built in 1887 by Alexander “Sandy” Marr, a local stonemason. The Little Stone School House was the City of Saskatoon’s first public school. As the original Victoria School, it served as the centre of the community. In addition to hosting up to 40 pupils a year, it was used for dances, religious services, and meetings. The Little Stone Schoolhouse is the oldest one-room schoolhouse still standing and “in use”. The Saskatoon community held dances here and used it as a “city hall” until other buildings were built in the city. Heritage value also resides in its status as one of the first heritage conservation projects in western Canada, undertaken as a tribute to pioneer education under the auspices of the International Order Daughters of the Empire (I.O.D.E.). The Little Stone Schoolhouse was named a national historic site in 1967.

Site Information:

Partial Disabled Access Near Bus Route No Public Washrooms On Duty Staff Street Parking (Meters)

Please do not touch exhibits and artifacts. Guided tours will be offered.
National Research Council

National Research Council (1948)

110 Gymnasium Place

The building was built in 1948 by G. Verbeke in the modified collegiate gothic style. The original purpose of the building was for research. Since it’s been built, Agriculture Canada, the University of Manitoba, and the NRC collaborated to develop canola. There was a totally sealed greenhouse attached to the building. The greenhouse was built around 1955-56 and the purpose was for radioactive tracing.

Site Information:

Disabled Access First Aid Station Free Parking Free Parking On or Near Bus Route On Duty Staff Paid Parking Public Washrooms

Gordon Oakes Red Bear Student Centre

Gordon Oakes Red Bear Student Centre (2016)

5 Campus Drive, U of S Campus

The Gordon Oakes Red Bear Student Centre was envisioned as an inclusive, intercultural gathering place for the entire U of S community. Its presence on campus reflects the ongoing commitment to learn from and with Indigenous peoples while supporting Indigenous scholarship. Designed by Douglas Cardinal, a renowned architect of Métis and Blackfoot heritage; Cardinal is a proponent of “organic” architecture and expresses his buildings “in a signature style of harmonious curvilinear forms.” The Gordon Oakes Red Bear Student Centre’s style is that of sculpture. Completed in 2016, the building was funded by almost $4.5 million in private donations, with the remaining $12.5 million coming from the university’s capital budget. The total size of the building is 1,884 square metres.

Tyndall stone wraps around the building, creating a symbolic blanket to protect the building’s centre from Saskatchewan’s harsh northern winter winds. Two rows of inlayed tile encircle the building, representing the wampum belt and one of the first treaties between Natives and newcomers on the land that would later become Canada. At each of the four cardinal directions, the colour of the beads changes to represent the four seasons: south (summer, red), east (spring, yellow), west (dark, fall), and north (winter, white). The windows resemble ribbons that help connect the building with the earth. The tribute wall to Gordon Oakes Redbear incorporates the wood from trees that were cut down to make room for the building. For ceremonial purposes, the gathering area rests atop a cylinder of original earth from the area. The ceiling is decorated as a medicine wheel, using the colours of the Oakes family. The feature skylight of the building at the centre of the medicine wheel is in the shape of a star blanket.

Site Information:

Disabled Access First Aid Station Near Bus Route On Duty Staff

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